The China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Han Kuo-yu, the Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate  conceded defeat on Saturday, saying he had called President Tsai Ing-wen ahead of her international press conference.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Award-winning investigative news organisation The Reporter found that Han uses a lot of metaphors and comparisons, while Tsai adopts a more straight-forward and rational language.

TAIPEI (The China Post) - Taiwan's main opposition and ruling party pointed fingers at each other on Thursday as the case of the alleged Chinese say Wang Liqiang continues to unfold.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - An estimated 19 million Taiwanese will head to the polls tomorrow with a sense of desperation not seen before.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - The case of the alleged Chinese spy Wang Liqiang continues to unfold as Taiwan's main opposition denies accusations of bribery and menace.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - As Taiwan heads to its closely-watched presidential election, take a quick look at the three contenders and their respective campaign platforms: Tsai Ing-wen, Han Kuo-yu and James Soong.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Australian media published a story involving a high-ranking KMT official in the case of the alleged Chinese spy Wang Liqiang late Wednesday night.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - In a last-ditch effort to reach English-speaking observers in the twitter world, Taiwan's opposition Kuomintang (KMT) questioned on Tuesday the constitutionality of the recently passed Anti-Infiltration Law and the government’s eventual role in Hong Kong protests.

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taiwan chief of the general staff, Shen Yi-ming, died on Thursday after a helicopter made an emergency landing, according to the Ministry of National Defence.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia rounded up the top 10 list of the most popular Asian countries among U.S. students.