The China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) -  Zhonggang Cihyu Temple, a red-bricked structure built over 300 years ago is a testament of faith to Matsu, the goddess of the sea.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - WISH, the island’s first-ever sustainable sky lantern festival is taking place this October, where eco-friendly sky-lanterns will be used in an effort to protect the environment.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - As the threat of African swine fever (ASF) has been showing no signs of abating, Taiwan is considering expanding its hand luggage checks to include arrival from all Asian countries.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong said the ongoing protests against the Hong Kong government will not end until Hong Kongers have democracy, freedom and the right to elect their leaders.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Grand Hotel Taipei has opened its secret underground passage to the public, starting this September.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - President Tsai Ing-wen said that the government will provide necessary assistance to Hong Kong people in Taiwan based on humanitarian considerations.

TAIPEI (China Post/ANN) -  Joshua Wong will arrive in Taiwan today to meet with top officials from the New Power Party (NPP) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Taiwan aims to increase its international visitor arrivals to 20 million by 2030.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - A four-pronged plan to increase the number of international tourists to Taiwan, is being implemented following China’s recent ban on individual visits by its nationals from 47 cities.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Five countries have broken relations with the Republic of China (ROC) since the previous presidential election in 2016, leaving only 16 out of 193 United Nations member states recognising Taiwan government.