The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

BOSTON (The Daily Star/ANN) - During the lifecycle of a crisis, media coverage evolves through different phases. 

NEW DELHI (The Daily Star/ANN) - India has made a strong pitch for increased lending by the World Bank and its affiliates for Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, in a meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund held in Washington on Saturday.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Top officials of more than 250 companies working in all major consumer product segments were interviewed for the survey.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - A second grader writes to PM Hasina, gets reply with affection and love

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - US-Bangla Airlines authorities throw an array of questions over the report prepared over the Nepal plane crash that killed 51, 27 of them Bangladeshis.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Talks continue on the state-level after mass movement demanding a fundamental reform of the quota system in government service.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - The need for comprehensive investigation of acts of genocide in Myanmar and the need to prosecute the offenders responsible for crimes against humanity have been consistently emphasised.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Though the difference in GDP estimates can be debated, the inadequacies highlighted by WB and ADB cannot. 

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - The revenue authority plans to provide manufacturing industries with tax benefits to accelerate expansion of the sector.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - The groups want 100 acres of land for industrial park