Dawn (Pakistan)

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - With the ECI packed with favourites, the BJP sought one-party rule.

PESHAWAR (Dawn/ANN) - The Afghan nationals had recently travelled to China.

WASHINGTON (Dawn/ANN) - Gen Kenneth McKenzie hopes Taliban will fulfil commitments.

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - The move that bears all the telltale signs of a witch-hunt.

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - To see where a woman stands in the social order just walk through a cemetery and read the gravestones.

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - No progress can be made if half the population is marginalised. 

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - The lack of a statement from Prime Minister Imran Khan is not adding to the country's confidence about coronavirus.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - International flights will only operate from 3 airports in limited numbers, National Security Committee decides.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - The global economy has hit severe turbulence.

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - Some foreign players have chosen to return home to avoid becoming stranded, says PCB.