Dawn (Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Exploiting race, religion, sect and colour for political gains is a sign of demagoguery, and only promotes the agenda of xenophobic right-wing movements internationally.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Sadly, the money that is spent is not producing educated Pakistani children - where ‘educated’ stands for the simple ability of being able to read.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - PTI government's ripples created by corruption scandals have now reached foreign shores. 

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - The Judge Arshad Malik scandal has become an explosive political issue.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - The US State Department said that it was "incredibly supportive" of anything that increases "people-to-people ties between India and Pakistan". 

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - There is no other choice for most of us who have only one home - Pakistan - and no second passport for an exit strategy. 

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - It had been known for years that the judgement of the tribunal in the Reko Diq case would go against Pakistan as it had violated several clauses of its bilateral investment treaty with Australia.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - This World Cup witnessed many thrilling games and upsets, and threw up many young stars, while bringing the curtain down on the career of others. 

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - The link between cricket and the nation was neither natural nor inevitable.

LAHORE (Dawn/ANN) - The world Sikh community has expressed its concern at the big ‘airport-like’ constructions by India on its side of border at Kartarpur, dwarfing the Nishan Sahib (Sikh flag) planned at Darbar Sahib.