The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Climate change affects everyone differently. And many commitments have been made on a global scale to respond to climate change.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - President Jokowi's vision, entirely depends on whether or not he could reform the nation’s education system and create more jobs.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Due to a significant increase in government net borrowing, Indonesia’s external debt level was up about 10 per cent year-on-year (yoy) in the second quarter.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The nation will demand more from Megawati, who has directly or indirectly defined today’s Indonesia.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - There are many ways of celebrating the Independence Day. For some Jakartans, tasting traditional food is an option.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - President Jokowi emphasised the result of direct election, signalling his opposition to give the authority to the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) to appoint president.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - A total of 36 vocational high schools will take part in the WorldSkills competition in Russia and President Jokowi expect the students to win more gold medals.

BLITAR, East Java (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - A cleric was struck by a cow, fell into a coma and died three days later.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The biggest obstacles of achieving that “acceleration” is not a lack of funds or people or technology, but the largely outdated mindsets of both policymakers and those who own and run higher education institutions.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesian rapper Rich Brian and Gojek collaborate for Cerdikiawan - a campaign to overcome inconveniences and incorporate a positive spirit in daily lives.