The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)

Established in Feb 1993, the Kathmandu Post is Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily and it’s leading English language newspaper. The daily circulation of 82,000 copies makes the Post Nepal’s second-most widely circulated newspaper.

The Kathmandu Post is considered one of the most reliable publications for news, opinion and original content. It is a 16-page broadsheet that covers a wide variety of news, views and analyses and includes the Money section, a daily four-page pullout dedicated exclusively to business news. The newspaper’s Op-Ed section, which is widely followed, features columns by some of Nepal’s leading intellectuals, writers and experts from various sectors.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – Issuing a 10-point clarification, the embassy insisted that there is no military component to the MCC.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – Investment Board of Nepal says other processes should not be stopped despite interim orders from the apex court not to cut trees.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – Most inmates currently serving jail terms for wildlife trade knew that the activity was illegal but were unaware of the severity of the consequences, according to the study.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – The city of Bhaktapur, ruled for over three decades by Narayan Man Bijukchhe, has long stressed self-reliance over everything, and everyone else.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The first set of coaches christened Janaki Rail have been dispatched from Chennai, India.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN)- Soil conservation should be a top priority for an agricultural country like ours but our priorities are misplaced.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The lackadaisical approach goes against common sense, and will prove costly.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The resistance to the MCC’s Nepal compact is not coming from a dissenting faction or the opposition, but from the ruling party’s top leadership itself.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – During peak winter, many Nepalis visit dermatologists to treat their swollen hands and feet resulting from cold sensitivity.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – The country is struggling to cope with rampant corruption, but the emerging youth give some hope for the future.