The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)

Established in Feb 1993, the Kathmandu Post is Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily and it’s leading English language newspaper. The daily circulation of 82,000 copies makes the Post Nepal’s second-most widely circulated newspaper.

The Kathmandu Post is considered one of the most reliable publications for news, opinion and original content. It is a 16-page broadsheet that covers a wide variety of news, views and analyses and includes the Money section, a daily four-page pullout dedicated exclusively to business news. The newspaper’s Op-Ed section, which is widely followed, features columns by some of Nepal’s leading intellectuals, writers and experts from various sectors.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – Citizens’ engagement in the formulation of laws not only ensures transparency but also enhances the quality of legislation, experts say.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – To ensure better predictability, a national roadmap with parliamentary ownership could be a way out.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – There is a section of society that is dangerously evoking a strange sense of nationalism amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – While no foreign investors have showed up in recent past, both imports and exports have slowed, officials say.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) – Money sent by workers abroad has not declined yet, but the future looks uncertain as countries that host Nepali labourers impose travel bans.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The hardest hit sectors of the economy are tourism and aviation, which were already reeling from reduced number of visitors and passengers due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) -  As Covid-19 continues to spread, parents are concerned with the safety of their children, as schools bring together large groups of people in confined spaces.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The state-owned company is importing 11,000 tonnes of cooking gas on top of the regular shipment for this month, officials said.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The visa suspension will begin March 14 and last until the end of April, depriving Nepal of millions in Everest climbing fees.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - In the absence of appropriate strategies to reach new markets, Nepal faces a massive challenge.