The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)

Established in Feb 1993, the Kathmandu Post is Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily and it’s leading English language newspaper. The daily circulation of 82,000 copies makes the Post Nepal’s second-most widely circulated newspaper.

The Kathmandu Post is considered one of the most reliable publications for news, opinion and original content. It is a 16-page broadsheet that covers a wide variety of news, views and analyses and includes the Money section, a daily four-page pullout dedicated exclusively to business news. The newspaper’s Op-Ed section, which is widely followed, features columns by some of Nepal’s leading intellectuals, writers and experts from various sectors.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Many hope that the motorable road will put an end to complete reliance on flights for travel to and from one of the most popular destinations in the country.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - At Home Loan Experts-Nepal, a chorus of youths are busy finding potential home buyers thousand of miles away, in Australia, doing everything from discussing their credit rating to searching for lenders.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - ICC had suspended CAN in April, 2016 owing to duel existence of the cricket governing body in the country and government interference in the election.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Nepalis have had enough of the people supposed to serve them creating a hindrance in their daily lives. In a country where citizens were used to being stalled in traffic to let politicians and government officials pass, people have been growing bolder and more annoyed at such extravagant processions.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Nepal’s Pesapallo team had secured the second position in the Asian Pesapallo Championship in Dhaka last year.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Political commentators, who until a few years ago used to be key in swaying public opinion about certain issues, feel social media has largely disrupted or replaced the traditional definition of public sphere.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Water conflicts may become a major issue among neighbouring countries if they are not dealt with on time.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The country seems to be lost on what external affairs strategy to adopt, but non-alignment has worked for it in the past.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The new proposals regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill still treat women as second-class citizens.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - One requirement states that only companies that have already printed over five million passports in at least three countries over the last 10 years are eligible for bidding.