Kuensel (Bhutan)

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - The nation came together in the way we have never seen before and it is heartening to see this.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - Ambassador of Bhutan to Japan V Namgyel and Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan Satoshi Suzuki signed the exchange of notes and grant contracts for four projects in New Delhi on March 9. 

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - Ugyen Dorji, the minister of Labour and Human Resources, is one of the 15 Young Global Leaders of 2020. Minister has been recognised as one of the Forum of Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - The 76-year-old patient who tested positive for the new coronavirus at the national referral hospital’s isolation centre is being constantly monitored by three doctors and seven nurses.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - For a long time the image of a tourist had been a white person with sunglasses, a camera hanging down his neck with wallets bursting with dollars, even if they are not carrying.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - The possibility of new cases remains a major concern for the tourism sector, which has already taken a hit due to the two-week ban on tourists.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - Yeshi Samdrup, tour guide and his guests from Hong Kong were on tour to Talo in Punakha. 

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - Bhutanese are no exception, as COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, so is misinformation about the disease. 

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - As the news of the first positive COVID-19 case spread, a 75-year-old Paro resident called his family members in a remote village in Trongsa to conduct rituals.

THIMPHU (Kuensel/ANN) - In a show of solidarity with the government, the Members of the Parliament (MP), including the Prime Minister committed to donate their one month’s salary to the government for COVID-19 response efforts.