Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia)

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia ( Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - A 120-member delegation of the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia is participating in the 2019 China International Import Expo in Shanghai from 5 to 10 November. 

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - A Chinese and Jawi calligraphy joint competition was held for the first time in conjunction with the open day of Federal Territory mosque. 

TAIPEI (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Neil Foo, chairman of MCom Holdings Bhd, Malaysia may end up as a net loser in US trade war as Malaysia is subject to sanctions and tariff imposed by United States.

KUALA LUMMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - The LLG Cultural Development Centre cancels academic seminar on “Social movement in the Chinese World by looking at Hong Kong and Taiwan” after a three-hour long meeting.

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - In an unprecedented move, a Japanese university is setting up a branch campus in Malaysia as requested by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, says outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia Makio Miyagawa. 

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Many Malaysians are keen to migrate to Australia thinking that it is a place to make good money and lead easy life. 

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - A resolution was adopted at the annual general assembly of the Federation of Kwang Tung Associations Malaysia to look into offering incentives to encourage young Malaysian Chinese couples to have more babies. 

LONDON, United Kingdom ( Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia promises to deliver an unprecedented, spectacular and grand 16th World Chinese Entrepreneur Convention scheduled to be held from 21-23 June 2021 in Kuala Lumpur. 

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ ANN) - The Malaysian Government has allocated US$262.53 million for the Malaysian Tourism Year in Budget 2020 to meet the target of 30 million tourists in 2020.

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - The Perak state government under Ahmad Faizal Azumu is proposing to Finance Ministry to turn Pangkor Island into a duty-free zone with free duty on cigarettes but not liquor.