Vientiane Times (Laos)

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The developer of the That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone has spent US$200 million on the project’s development since it began operations in 2012.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Mineral extraction of non-renewable sources has a natural limit but tree plantation is set to assist the country to raise more income for national development toward the future, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sonexay Siphandone.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Domestic and foreign investors will be granted a number of tax breaks under a new amended decree related to specific and special economic zones (SEZs) issued recently by the government.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Immediate action is needed to eliminate inappropriate rules imposed by some state sectors that require tour operators to seek official approval before bringing visitors to Laos for a vacation, a senior government official has said.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Insights from the Results of the Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise Employment and Skills Survey in Vientiane were shared at an event on Thursday to increase the availability of labour market data for the tourism sector in Laos. 

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The construction of Nam Theun 2 dam necessitated the resettlement of 6,289 people from 17 communities on the Nakai plateau, and the “Resettlement Implementation Period” for the project is set to be officially closed.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The Government of Laos has expressed regret and disappointment over visa sanctions imposed by the US government against officials in Laos.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The nation’s tourism sector and authorities at all levels must continue to solve issues to help Laos attract visitors from domestic and international sources and reach the set targets, the nation’s Deputy Prime Minister told a meeting for tourism review consultation and planning in the capital on Friday.

YUNNAN PROVINCE, China (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Lincang is a beautiful city that shouldn't be missed by visitors to Yunnan, China's southwestern-most province.

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Laos may be gradually emerging as a key link in a regional value chain as more foreign firms consider the country for potential as a production base as part of their wider regional strategies, according to a report from the World Bank.