3D pig-themed lantern festival at Malaysia's Dong Zen Temple for this Chinese New Year

JENJAROM, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ ANN) - The floral lantern festival at Dong Zhen temple for year of pig starts from 31 January to 19 February, from 10 am to 10pm. Each year, the festival is getting more advanced and now the floral lanterns are presented in 3D.

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple here greets the year of pig with a splendid 3D light festival themed by Ven Master Hsing Yun for a peaceful and prosperous year. 
Dong Zen Temple which is into its 16th year of CNY lantern and flora festival since 2004. The temple has since become a tourism destination during Chinese New Year.
Chief abbess of FGS for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia Ven Jue Cheng who is also the chief abbess of the temple, led Sin Chew Daily to visit the production team of the lantern festival.
The team started to prepare as early as three years ago. Through various channels, the team collected animal zodiac of all kinds ranging from key chain, soft toy, decorative item and others for year of pig, said Ven Jue Cheng. 
“From knowing nothing about the floral lanterns where the team was only capable of producing red lanterns, the team is now able to present the floral lanterns with 3D effect,’’ she said.
The floral lanterns are now equipped with sensors where the lanterns would automatically turn on or rotate once someone pass by. 
The floral lanterns are custom- made by volunteers and staff of Dong Zen temple, said Ven Jue Cheng.
Ven Juecheng said she is glad that each year, the floral lantern festival shows improvement. In the past, the floral lanterns were in one colour. Starting this year, the floral lanterns are in different colours. From 2D lanterns, the lanterns this year are showing 3D effect which deliver better visual effect. 
The floral lantern festival reveals a combination of traditional lanterns, paper art and a diversified concept. The LED light bulbs used also reflect that the floral lantern festival is catching up with time. 
The 20-day floral lantern festival starts at 10am on 31 January and ends at 10pm on 19 February.
Activities included hitting the gong, floral car parade, charity bazaar, book exhibition, Buddhism talk, cultural performance, photography contest, vegetarian feast and etc.
The floral lanterns are made of recycle items where penguin lanterns used in previous years are turned into pig themed lanterns. 
Now Ven Jue Cheng plans to keep the floral lanterns in a museum for display after the end of the festival. Visitors are able to learn about the history of past floral lantern festivals. 
She is happy that after spending 16 years to hold lantern and floral festival at Dong Zen temple, the event has attracted primary and secondary school students as well as university students to hold similar event and learn how to make floral lanterns. The temple will borrow floral lanterns used during Chinese New Year to organisations keen to hold exhibition during mid-autumn festival.