Another Taiwan player joins Hong Kong Premier League

TAIWAN (The China Post/ANN) - Talents from Chinese Taipei national football team are making headways in Hong Kong Premier League, including Chen Ting-yang, nicknamed “the hunting lamb” who recently started to play for Lee Man FC, and Wang Ruei, known as “the forbidden guard” who joined Yuen Long last year. 

They are set to meet in a game on March 17.

Hong Kong professional football club Lee Man FC on March 9 announced that it will sign a deal with 26-year-old Chen, who will officially start his training with the team next week to replace the Dutch player Crescendo van Berkel, who is injured.

Chen graduated from prestigious football academies in Hualien. He started his at the Taipower FC of the Taiwan Football Premier League (TFPL). He has been a national player for Chinese Taipei in international matches since graduating from Taiwan's University of Sports.

Chen has not only hit 3 goals in total in international games but helped bring the FTA Futuro Teaching into TFPL tournaments earlier this season.

According to a statement from Lee Man, the Taiwanese player came to fame when he headed an equalizer for Taiwan on Nov. 11 to earn a draw with Hong Kong in the 2018 qualification for the 2019 EAFF E-1 Football Championship.

Lee Man is currently working on processing Chen’s visa in hopes that he can join as soon as possible.

Chen, having played for Chinese Taipei for over 30 games by far, is an experienced player given his international career.

Meanwhile, Yuen Long player Wang Ruei scored his “stunning” 3rd goal in the team in the Hong Kong Sapling Cup last week that highlighted his outstanding performances as “the forbidden guard” among supporters.

The two Taiwanese players, who are friends and opponents, are expected to meet for a showcase on the field in a scheduled match between Yuen Long and Lee Man on March 17.