Application fee for expatriate`s employment pass in Malaysia up by 253 %

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Expatriates applying for employment pass (EP) and professional visit pass (PVP) in Malaysia will be revised from existing US$72.463 to US$256 with an increase of 253% or US$183.57. The increase in fees cover family members as well, according to a statement posted on the official website of The Malaysia Expatriate Services Centre in mid-April. 

 Starting 1 June, expatriates applying for employment pass (EP) and professional visit pass (PVP) will have to pay more. The fees have been revised from existing RM300 (US$72.463) to RM1,060 (US$256) with an increase of 253% or RM760 (US$183.57).

The Expatriate Services Division (ESD) under the Malaysia Expatriate Services Centre (MYXpats) posted on its official website that the charges for skilled foreign workers, professional foreign workers and their families are revised. 

Application fee for families are up from RM70 (US$16.90) to RM530 (US$128.02) according to the announcement posted on its website on 11 April. 

MYXpats, a subsidiary of Talent Corp which is a one-stop service centre to process and issue employment pass (EP) as well as other Immigration related passes for eligible expatriates to work in Malaysia, takes five working days to process EP and PVP applications. 

Set up since 2015, the centre has been working toward improving processing time of the applications and approved more than 90% of the applications.

To create a more conducive and investor-friendly environment, the government started a centralised system with a platform comprising all government agencies to process EP and PVP applications since 1 April. 

Employers are able to make online payment for application fees through the ESD system under MYXpats starting May.  

Some agents have since complained to newspapers that the margin of increase is too high and unreasonable. They requested the government to explain. 

“I have asked many government agencies on the matter but no relevant agency offers a clear explanation,’’ said an agent. 

MYXpats is placed under Talent Corp, the national agency that drives Malaysia's talent strategy towards becoming a dynamic and market-driven talent hub. It is learned that Talent Corp has sent notices to relevant agencies on the fee revision. 

Sin Chew Daily had contacted Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran but did not receive any reply till press time. 

MYXpats processed high number of applicants from India applying for EP in 2016. In recent years, professionals from China have outnumbered Indian applicants. These professionals from China are mainly in construction sector, joining Malaysian firms to build skyscraper, bridges and rail roads. 

According to statistics of MYXpats, the number of experts from China who have been granted EP increased from 3,495 in 2016 to 7,515 in 2017. 

The statistics in 2017 showed China topped the list with 25% of professional expatriates in Malaysia, followed by India (15%), Japan (9 %), Indonesia (7 %), United Kingdom (6%) and expatriates from other countries. 

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