Brunei Film Blitz can make positive changes to local movie industry

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ANN) - Brunei Film Blitz Director Siti Kamaluddin, in an interview with the Sunday Bulletin, said there are a lot of talented people in Brunei who would do well in the local film scene, but much of the talent remained untapped, and probably one of the main reasons is that the lack of know-how and training has prevented many from getting recognised for their efforts.

This is where the Brunei Film Blitz 2018 can make a difference through courses, training and exposure to the film concept, she explained.

Brunei Film Blitz 2018 offers film screenings from different countries, and it is open to the public, she added.

She said the event will be a good experience for those who are interested in the local film industry, as it will give exposure to films from foreign countries.

She added that there are many highlights of the event for local film enthusiasts, and the screening of films from the legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa at Mahakarya at Plaza Athirah is part of the international cinematic movement.

The screenings will include French New Wave, Real Pakistan, Korea films, Indonesia and other showings that will satisfy and educate film-goers in general. 

The event will feature Associate Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts, USC Cinematic Arts in the United States Mark Shepherd, who has written several feature-length scripts for major studios and independent producers.    

Local film fans will have the opportunity to talk to Mark Shepherd on his extensive experience in the film genre.

At USC, where he earned an MFA in screenwriting, Shepherd teaches graduate students the basics of dramatic screenwriting, as well as advanced feature-length writing.

There are several workshops on films for local budding film-makers and fans at Mahakarya, Level 3 of the Plaza Athirah.

The Mahakarya will be in focus this month, and it will conclude with the Brunei Film Blitz Awards Night at the end of December 2018.