Brunei public reminded to be extra vigilant as house break-ins, vehicle thefts go up

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin /ANN) - With the rising numbers of house break-ins and vehicle thefts in several areas in the country being reported to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) lately, members of the public are reminded to be extra vigilant and safeguard their properties to avoid unwanted incidents.

The RBPF in a press statement issued yesterday assured the public that based on reports lodged, the police are actively pursuing the criminals by expanding patrols, road blocks and surveillance.

The RBPF also sought public cooperation to assist in relaying information that would help them bring the criminals to justice and in combating criminal activities in the country.

To further raise awareness on the importance of safety and security, the police are also distributing flyers containing car theft and house break-in prevention steps.

One of the steps advises the public to not leave their cars unlocked and unattended while the car engines are running in any commercial buildings or mini marts, and to always park their cars in well-lit and safe areas. Cars should also be equipped with alarm systems and valuables should not be left inside the car.

The RBPF in the statement also warned the public to always adhere with the country’s laws and urged them to share information related to criminal activity to the RBPF by calling its 993 hotline or visiting the nearest police station.


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