Bruneians join World Yoyo Contest

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/ ANN) - Four contestants from Brunei Darussalam are vying to test their skills at the World Yoyo Contest 2018 from August 9-12 in China.

Yong Jian Ang, Yvonne Ng, Azim Jameel and Mohd Khairsyah left the country recently accompanied by a competition judge Edward Ng Kwong Fatt.

The competition is held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Shanghai.

The championship is divided into five divisions - String Trick Freestyle with One Long-Spinning Yo-Yo, Looping Trick Freestyle with Two Responsive Yo-Yos, String Trick Freestyle with Two Long-Spinning Yo-Yos, Freestyle with Off String Yo-Yo(s) and Freestyle with Counter-Weight Yo-Yo(s).

Additionally, there are also Art & Performance and Freestyle with Spin Top(s) divisions.

The competition is organised by the International Yo-Yo Federation and hosted by the China Yo-Yo Corporation Championship Committee. It is also co-organised by Auldey and Japan Yo-Yo Federation.

Participants from 27 countries are taking part in the competition, including those from Asia, Europe and the United States.