Cambodian ruling party president concludes the final day of the election campaign

PHNOM PENH (Rasmei Kampuchea Daily/ ANN) - Around 250,000 supporters of the Ruling Cambodian People’ Party (CPP) gathered here this morning in a big rally at Koh Pich under the chairmanship of their President Samdech Hun Sen.  

Thank for the support to CPP, thank for the support me as the Prime Minister candidate for the next legislature of the Royal Government, President of CPP talked to his supporters in Phnom Penh.  

“I promised, I will not let CPP to fail and will not lead Cambodia to the war or blood as the past. For nearly 40- years of the power, our nation has full peace. I pledge, I will not lead CPP with any political or moral mistake”, he underlined.

There were the elections happen yesterday in some countries, especially in Pakistan. The election there had run with the violence, terrorism, but here (Cambodia), we have not yet faced any violence. The election campaign from the beginning until the end of the day have been done smoothly, and peacefully even we face a little bit problem with the flash flood, he added.  

“I would like to re-announce that CPP will continue to maintain peace and development. When we have peace, we will have development, and the development will guarantee for our peace sustainably”, he added. “To maintain peace, I would like to re-confirm that at any cost, CPP will continue to protect peace. We can lost something, but we cannot lost life of the people”.

This legislature election, the state revenue has continued to increase, the real estate has been being stable that are different from previous election. Previous election, there were a lot of people shared their concern, but this election no, that why these are the result of our full respect the rule of laws, he added.

We can lost or pay to something, but we have to do our best to guarantee for the peace, therefore our economic growth continue to be stable at average 7.7 percent, while the poverty rate is going down to at around 9 percent, he added.

Cambodia has always and fully respected and followed the democracy, we never postponed the election. We have always run the election every 5 years from 1993, 1998, 2003, 2013 and this year 2018. We have regularly applied the democracy way every 5 years, he added.

“Under leadership of CPP, peace and development have everywhere in the nationwide, as today, I joint the rally of the campaign without bullet-proof vest, I have no concern about the terrorism as in some nations. Under CPP’s leadership, Cambodia has no more sound of the gun exchange. The sound from the gun or weapon has so far replaced by song, music, dance, religious praying with peace. This is the truth situation in Cambodia today”, President of the CPP told his supporters in Phnom Penh.

At the end of his public speech to his supporters,  Samdech Hun Sen also to alerted that all the supporter have to end their election campaign by 10pm today, and called his supporters and all the people not to drink alcohol. All have to go to vote on July 29, 2018 from 7am to 3pm.

Each respective political parties for the 6th legislature National Election have applied their final day of the electoral campaign smoothly across the nation by different ways.

In Phnom Penh, there are total 7 political parties with total more than 320,000 supporters applied their electoral campaign, including CPP, League for the Democracy Party (LDP), Cambodian Nationality’s Party (CNP), royalist FUNCINPEC, Khmer Rise Party (KRP), Khmer Economic Development Party (KEDP) and Khmer National United Party (KNUP).    

According to the National Election Committee (NEC), in Phnom Penh more than 320,000 supporters with 3,695 cars, 1,000 tuk tuks, and more than 8,000 motorbikes attended the rally for their respective campaign. CPP had more than 250,000 supporters, 3,000 cars, 58,000 motorbikes; LDP had 50,000 supporters with 500 cars, 800 tuk tuks, and 20,000 motorbikes; CNP had 20,000 supporters, with 100 cars, 100 tuk tuks, and 5,000 motobikes; Funcipec with 1,500 supporters, 50 cars, 20 tuk tuks, and 500 motorbike; KRP with 380 supporters, 20 cars, 30 tuk tuks, and 80 motorbikes; KEDP with 100 supporters, 20 cars, and 50 tuk tuks; and KNUP with 450 supporters, 5 cars, 12 tuk tuk, and 200 motorbikes.

Hang Putea, Spokesperson of the NEC told Rasmei Kampuchea Daily yesterday that this legislature election had 79,621 local observers, from 112 organizations; 213 international observers from 32 countries, including Myanmar, China, Singapore, Timor Leste, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Nigeria, Romania, etc.

Besides, there are total 1,121 local and foreign journalists from 143 media organizations, (including 941 local journalists from 91 media organizations).

The 21-day election campaign run through July 27, 2018, while the election day will be on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Twenty (20) political parties, including the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), Cambodian Youth Party, Cambodian Nationality Party, Khmer National United Party, FUNCINPEC Party, Khmer United Party, Grassroots Democracy Party, New Light Party, Beehive Social Democratic Party, League for Democracy Party, Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, Dharmacracy Party, Republican Democratic Party, Our Motherland Party, Khmer Rise Party, Khmer Economic Development Party, Khmer Will Party, Khmer Republican Party, Reaksmey Khemra Party, and Cambodia Indigenous People Democracy Party, have been registered for this political race.


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