Chinese temple is providing school uniforms to poor children in Malaysia

KERIAN, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Donated by well-wishers, an old Chinese temple in Parit Buntar is giving out school uniforms to students from poor families of all races.

Three sets of uniforms for each poor child regardless of ethnic backgrounds. No form to fill but a photograph snapped as a record. 

A Chinese Datuk Kong old temple in Parit Buntar has allocated 4,000 school uniforms to be donated to children from poor families.

When news spread, parents in border towns located in Penang and Kedah came to the old Chinese temple, including Malay parents in rural villages.

The temple offers to reduce the financial burden of parents as each set of school uniform costs more than RM30 (US$7.28).

The welfare committee of the temple has been donating school uniforms for the past three years contributed by good Samaritans. Poor families with many children heave a sign of relief as the donation of school uniforms help to reduce their financial stress when school re-opens. 

Parents brought their children to try the uniform at the temple starting 26 December. So far the temple has distributed more than 2,000 school uniforms. The school uniforms are donated on first come first served basis. 

Zou Xian Yi, in charge of the donation, said the school uniforms also comply with requirements set by religious schools with various sizes offered.

His wife and he handled the uniforms at home in Kerian. 

Zou works during the day and parents come to try the school uniforms from 9 pm – 12 midnight.

Parents are not required to fill in the form but a photograph snapped as proof. 

The donation has been carried out in a low-profile manner. However, since Zou started distributing school donations, each night up to 100 students of all races came to his home. 

Apart from donating school uniforms, Zou said the donation committee of the temple send food to 85 poor families each month regardless of race and religion. The items included eggs, rice and cooking oil.

Temple chairman Zhang Wen Zhong said the donation committee has carried out charity work for eight years in its effort to enhance unity among all races.

The donation comes from the public and business community in support of charity deeds carried out by the temple.