Coronavirus quarantine process - Army in another humanitarian operation

COLOMBO (The Island/ANN) - Army Commander Shavendra Silva says the Army undertaking the quarantine process to prevent the spread of coronavirus is a humanitarian operation similar to the one conducted in the last stage of the war.

Army Commander Shavendra Silva said Wednesday night appearing on a TV programme that by undertaking the quarantine process to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Army had embarked on a second humanitarian operation, The army conducted a humanitarian operation in the past as well to protect the people of the country.

"By taking part in the quarantine process we are carrying out a similar humanitarian operation."

However, the conduct of students that were brought from Wuhan, China was different to the behaviour of Sri Lankans who were returning from Italy and South Korea, he said. Those who came from China had appreciated the role played by the state, he said.

"Perhaps, they are tired after returning to the country after a long journey. However no matter how they behave the army will take care of them. One person has posted on social media that we gave coffee to those being quarantined in a canister made by cutting a water bottle in half. We are not an army that gives people coffee in water bottles. It is not fair to slander troops that have given their own beds to those under quarantine.


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