Dong Zen Temple bags two Malaysia Book of Records - biggest rotating rat lantern and biggest Zentangle Art space

JENJAROM, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - At the end of 18-day floral lantern festival, the Dong Zen Temple bags two Malaysia Book of Records – the biggest rotating rat lantern and the biggest Zentangle Art space.

Dong Zen Temple bags two Malaysia Book of Records – the biggest rotating rat lantern and the biggest Zentangle art space at the end of 18-day floral lantern festival. 
The giant rat measuring 9 m in height and 7.6 m in width is made of an iron frame with thousands of LED light bulbs.
This is the third time the floral lantern festival organised by the temple listed in the Malaysia Book of Records. 
Last year, the “Always well-rounded and auspicious” themed lanterns held in conjunction with Year of Pig at Dong Zen Temple was listed in Malaysia Book of Records as the largest hand-painted lantern in Malaysia.
The revolving dog lantern at the Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom was listed on the Malaysia Book of Records in 2018 as the biggest revolving dog lantern. 
Jwan Heah Yeow Hooi, business development director of Malaysia Book of Records and office manager Lee Pooi Leng made the announcement at the temple and handed over the certificates to Ven Jue Cheng, Chief Abbess of the temple and the production team led by Ven Jue Cheng, vice chief abbess Ven Man Hui and the organising chairperson of the lantern festival Ven Ru Xing. 
The Zentangle art exhibition was also held at the temple in conjunction with the floral lantern festival.  Led by certified Zentangle Artist Liu Ji Pin, a total of 69 teachers and students participated in the painting of Zentangle Art displayed at the temple. 
They spent 10 days to paint a giant piece of Zentangle art which covered the stage, wall and ceiling of a lecture hall in the temple. The art piece measuring 261 square metre is now the largest Zentangle Art space in Malaysia. 
To the more than 1,000 volunteers involved in the floral lantern and Zentagle Art, the awards are a form of acknowledge and recognition encouraging them to deliver better results in future. 
Ven Jue Cheng said there is no best lantern festival but a better one. She hoped that when the public bring home the joy after visiting the lantern festival, they can also incorporate art in their daily lives. 
The monks and nuns also led the public in their prayers to seek blessings from Goddess of Mercy to end the coronavirus outbreak and pray for medical staff who look after the infected patients.