Durians from Malaysia will be available in various parts of China through online shopping platform

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Online shopping platforms such as Alibaba and JD launch sales of durian from Malaysia recently.

 Online shopping platforms such as Alibaba and JD have recently launched the sale of frozen whole durian from Malaysia. This is a good development as the durians from Malaysia will be available even in small towns in China, says Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Sim Tze Tzin
He said that although the first batch of frozen whole durian, the Musang King, has not been officially exported to China, however, online merchants such as Alibaba and JD have offered the sale of durians online.
After attending the launch of "Farmers vs. Farmers 2019" programme, Sim told the media that it is unclear when the first batch of frozen whole durians from Malaysia will land in China. However, the Chinese market is very interested in Musang King durian from Malaysia. 
He said the ministry is unable to predict the number of containers required in order to meet the demand for Musang King in China. 
"As mentioned earlier, the ministry is still waiting for the issuance of a list of companies from China. Once the list is confirmed, we will then know the export volume of Musang King durians. The companies from China will place the order from Malaysian suppliers,” he said. 
Asked whether the list of company will be released this year, Sim reiterates that the ministry does not know when China will release the list. A total of nine frozen whole durian exporters are registered with the ministry while Chinese has reviewed a total of seven deep freeze processing plants. 
The Alibaba online shopping platform shows that the Musang King durian from Malaysia is priced between US$8.80 and US$9.80 per kg. The online order must be at least 150kg. The D24 durian from Malaysia is priced between US$13.50 and US$15.50 with a minimum order of 200kg. 
Malaysian durian exporter Lin Xiang Yi said the frozen whole durian has just been approved to be exported to China. Sales launch by online platforms such as Alibaba at this stage is to test the market reaction in China. 
He pointed out that the exporters believe that China will issue a special approval for Malaysian fruit companies under Alibaba to export a 10-tonne batch of Musang King durian to China. When the channel is proven to be smooth and no problem with the products, then large volume of durians would be exported to China. 
Lin is puzzled as Alibaba has placed a higher price tag for D 24 durians than Musang King. 
“This could be the confusion at the initial phase,” he said. 
The Musang King durian recorded the highest increase in price in 2017. The price spiked from RM30 (US$7.21) per kg to RM90 (US$21.84) with 42 % of increase. In 2018, price of Musang King then dropped to RM40(US$9.61) per kg.