EDITORIAL: Time to reveal the truth of Malaysia's May 13 incident

KUALALUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - It is time to uncover the truth of the May 13 incident kept confidential for the past 50 years under the new government. Otherwise, the incident continues to be exploited by politicians to intimidate Malaysians. 

Today marks the 50th anniversary of May 13 incident. To many Malaysians, there are still many questions in their hearts for the past 50 years. 

Is the May 13 incident as rumoured, a well-crafted political plot to topple the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman? Or it is just an impromptu racial clash which has gone beyond control?  Or other factors which have caused the incident? How many victims were there actually? Who were the victims? Why did they become victims? ……….
Malaysia has been under the rule of six Prime Ministers for the past 50 years.  None of them exercised the power in their hands to unveil the truth of the May 13 incident which is full of disputes and doubts. The file has been kept in the private room. It remains as an unresolved puzzle in the hearts of many, even mistaken as a fearful magic curse for a specific ethnic group. Hence it is often used by some extreme and racist politicians as a tool to intimidate Malaysians to remain silent. 
To the politicians who are good at sensationalising sensitive racial issues, the May 13 incident is the bargaining chip for them to intimidate Malaysians.  A very low class yet effective method which is often used. These politicians will continue to exploit it as long as the truth is not disclosed.
As Malaysia is now entering into a new era of Malaysia 2.0, with the promise to lead its people to be more democratic, more open, more transparent with a corrupt-free government.  Attention should be given to the May 13 incident to satisfy Malaysians who have the right to know. By revealing the truth, let the May 13 incident file to be uncovered so that the historical vacuum for the past 50 years would be filled.
In the past, the government may not be ready to face the historical assessment by uncovering the truth of May 13 incident or it could be involved with the political interest of a specific political group. 
Now that the government has changed hand and it is time to declassify May 13 file for a closure of the history of Malaysia.
History can be a mirror. It shows the mistakes that one should not repeat. It helps the country and its people to move on to the proper path and accelerate establishments. If it is landed as a tool by those with a vested interest to intimidate Malaysia, tragedy may repeat itself once losing control. 
The May 13 tragedy has been a key incident in the development of Malaysia, a multi-racial country after gaining independence. The National Archives Department of Malaysia, history of Malaysia and history textbook should keep a record of its truth, cause and the effect of the incident. It serves as a reminder for the younger generation. 
The May 13 incident should no longer be a weapon of intimidation used by politicians in new Malaysia. It should no longer be a mysterious document filled with doubts. The truth of this 50-year-old incident should be revealed under the broad daylight of new Malaysia. 


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