Expo sees regional organic, natural products promoted by Thailand’s commerce ministry promotes

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Laos to host an oranganic food expo next week. 

Ministry of Commerce of Thailand will host the Organic and Natural Expo 2017 (ONE 2017) from July 27-30 to raise the profile of internationally-certified products thereby adding value and expanding the market. 

The event at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand will be the largest exhibition of organic and natural products in the region that has been held for seven consecutive years, according to the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand.

The ministry’s press release also reported the expo will host more than 200 exhibitors showcasing products from Asean countries. More than 45,000 visitors are expected to attend the exposition with total sales of 32 million baht.

Highlight products will include organic instant curry paste, jasberry rice, coconut brown sugar, environmentally friendly containers made from tapioca flour and spathe of betel nut, natural products for pets such as shampoo, and many more new innovative organic products. Moreover, there will be useful workshops relating to organic product, for instance, cooking demonstration by celebrity chefs.

Besides showcasing and retail leading products, the event also provides Business Matching platforms for national and international certified organic businesses which will allow buyers a great opportunity to seek out potential partners and suppliers.

According to organisers, ONE 2017 will connect the business network amongst trusted buyers, providers and suppliers. The Business Matching Service will be arranged from July 27-30, 10am to 6pm at Meeting Room 4. Interested participants can download an application form at http://www.organicnaturalexpo.com/business_matching.html and submit to organicnatural2017@gmail.com.

Hosting this exposition will be the driving force for the sustainable growth of the organic sector leading to the expansion of economic growth within the region.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, the exposition includes the Organic Symposium on July 28 from 8am to 4:30 pm to allow participants more insights into the organic sector, especially the differences between organic and general products.

The Symposium will feature the direction of Thailand’s organic sector according to the National Organic Agriculture Development Strategy, along with organic opportunities in Asean under the theme ‘How to move forward Asean’s organic sector: perceptions from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand’.

The Ministry of Commerce of Thailand also informed the concept of this year is “Asean: Home of Organic” opening up opportunities in global markets. The essence of the regional cooperation is to be a collaborative supply chain that benefits one another in Asean and expands the business to global markets.

Hosting the ONE 2017 this year will also spearhead the establishment of the Asean Organic Federation by inviting organic entrepreneurs from Asean to attend the session and meet potential trade partners and consumers.

The Federation meeting will be held for the first time at the ONE 2017 on July 29 with the hope to create knowledge and understanding platform as well as promote exchanges in production and organic market knowledge between producers and entrepreneurs from Asean countries. This will also contribute to strengthened and unified Asean organic producers and entrepreneurs in the region.



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