FEATURE: Tiffany Hsu apologizes for ‘faux pas,’ closes Instagram account

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Tiffany Hsu, a 34-year-old actress from Taiwan who recently made a social media “faux pas,” apologized on April 10 for “liking” a post with discriminatory language against Chinese people.

Turning words into action, she then announced that she closed her Instagram account.

In the aforementioned post, the original author used discriminatory words against mainland Chinese people in the Taiwanese dialect to highlight some “patriotic sentiments surging forth in our hearts.”

The message ended with the statement, “We are from Taiwan.”

“I often click on the like button without reading the story,” said Hsu. “I deeply regret to give a like to this one. I apologize to the public for my stupid deed.”

“I have always said that my ancestral home is in Wuhu, Anhui province, China,” Hsu went on. “I will close my Instagram account to strictly reflect on myself.”

Most Chinese netizens approved her response and said, “Social media approval is normal, isn’t it?” “You seem to be sincere and I believe you don’t do this.” But others commented, “There is no need to pretend.” “If apology works, then we don’t need police.”