Foodpanda drivers protest new payment scheme

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) -  As a new payment scheme, which sees a US$0.33-flat fee cut, goes into effect, Foodpanda drivers staged several small strikes around Taiwan on Thursday mornin

Foodpanda drivers staged several small strikes around Taiwan on Thursday morning as a new payment scheme, which sees a NT$10-flat fee cut, goes into effect.

Neal Chen, the northern-Taiwan area representative of Foodpanda’s drivers’ self-help group, told The China Post that the new scheme has a huge impact on drivers’ salaries.

Chen himself currently works as a full-time delivery person on Foodpanda. He said that he earned approximately NT$90,000 per month under the previous payment scheme. However, with the new scheme, he expected monthly pay to drop by 20 percent to around NT$72,000.

Should the labor-management mediation meeting that began at 2 p.m. on Thursday at the Taipei City Labor Bureau go south, drivers plan to organize “a massive protest” at the Ketagalan Boulevard after the Chinese New Year, Chen said, adding that several thousand drivers are expected to attend.

Liu Yun-chen, representative of the self-help group for central-Taiwan called the new payment scheme “malicious”.

Some 50 to 60 Foodpanda drivers protested outside Taichung City Hall on Thursday, according to Liu. He said that they have reached out to legislators in the hope of assistance.

Foodpanda Taiwan has not responded to an inquiry from The China Post.

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