Hong Kong: A big day marred by violence, protests

HONG KONG (The Straits Times/ANN) - The Straits Times provides a timeline of the Hong Kong protest that spanned from Monday (July 1) morning to the next morning (July 2). 

Around 3am

Hundreds of black-clad anti-extradition Bill protesters gather at Tamar Park in Admiralty, where the government headquarters are located.

They replace the national flag with a black version, while the Hong Kong flag flies at half-mast beside it.

Around 8am

The government marks the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule from British rule with a flag-raising ceremony and a reception at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

As it is raining, guests watch a live broadcast of the ceremony from the convention centre.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam makes a short speech, in which she promises to reform her administration's governing style.


The authorities issue a statement condemning violence after police officers were hurt during clashes at Lung Wo Road, Tim Mei Avenue and Harcourt Road around 9.30am.

The injured officers had been splashed with an unidentified liquid believed to be drain cleaner.

Around 2pm

Protesters smash the glass front of the Legislative Council (LegCo) complex with metal poles and other tools.

Police warn protesters against trying to enter the complex. Meanwhile, crowds gather in Victoria Park for the annual July 1 march.


Police use pepper spray to push back protesters as they push a cart through the shattered door of the building. Demonstrators try to smash more glass panels with metal poles. Around 4pm Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang hits out at British interference.

Around 5.40pm

A group of protesters manage to enter LegCo through the main entrance. Police form lines in the building.


The LegCo secretariat issues a red alert for the first time in Hong Kong's history and orders everyone to evacuate the area.

Around 8.30pm

Protesters use iron bars to try to get past the metal gates at the LegCo building. They crack open the glass doors of the public entrance.

Around 9.15pm

Hundreds of protesters are in LegCo, with some of them smashing video screens with metal poles. Some police have retreated.

Around 9.40pm

Protesters enter the LegCo chamber. One protester sprays black paint on the Hong Kong bauhinia emblem in the chamber.


Organisers of the peaceful July 1 march say 550,000 people turned out for the annual pro-democracy rally.

The marchers, who started out from Victoria Park, ended their parade at Chater Road in Central, instead of the originally planned Harcourt Road, as the march organiser, the Civil Human Rights Front, sought to avoid the chaos near the government complex in Admiralty.

Around 10.10pm

The authorities announce the government headquarters will be closed on Tuesday due to security considerations.

About 1,000 protesters outside LegCo and on Lung Wo Road move metal barricades to block the police.


The government describes the storming of Parliament as "extreme violence".

Around 12.10am

Hundreds of police officers move in from different directions. Tear gas is fired to clear protesters.


The LegCo area has been cleared. Dozens of riot police rushed into the complex minutes earlier, but few protesters remained by then.

Police also fire tear gas to clear protesters on the roads.