Laos, Unicef improve working methods to achieve better results for children

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - The government and Unicef are working to strengthen planning, coordination, monitoring and budgeting of projects to obtain better results for children supported by Unicef programmes.

The International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Attapeu provincial officials held a workshop to discuss the concept of provincial planning with provincial authorities and related line departments

Participants agreed on implementation methods including planning and coordination mechanisms, key performance indicators and monitoring and evaluation, and results-based budgeting, to link with the current provincial socio-economic development plan.

Speaking at the workshop, Deputy Governor of Attapeu province Mr Phonsamay Mienglavanh said official development aid was a key factor in the success of the province’s socio-economic development plan as it accounted for one third of all resources. “It is very important to strengthen planning, coordination, monitoring and budgeting because this is instrumental in delivering better results for children,” he added.

“Attapeu is the first province to launch this initiative. I hope this workshop will help to build consensus on the approach needed to work together on this and improve the lives of children across the country,” said Unicef Representative Mr Octavian Bivol, who also referred to the role that Attapeu can play in helping Laos to graduate from Least Developed Country status by 2024.

“The experience from Attapeu will also inform the preparation of the 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan in focusing on integrated planning and budgeting and making wise investments in the generation of children and young people who will be born and grow between now and 2030,” Mr Bivol said. It is expected that this initiative will result in better synergies between sectors, improved monitoring and reporting, increased resource mobilisation based on demonstrated results, and enhanced understanding of results-based management. This will contribute to improved efficiency and effectiveness in programme implementation.

For 2019, the initial budget from Unicef to support planning in Attapeu province is US$1.3 million.

The subnational planning, coordination, monitoring and budgeting process will continue in other priority provinces, including Phongsaly, Bokeo, Huaphan, Xieng Khuang, Savannakhet and Saravan, under the leadership of the International Cooperation Department.

Prior to the workshop, Mr Bivol and the Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department, Mr Sisomphone Phetdaoheuang, met with Attapeu provincial governor Mr Leth Sayaphone to agree on the approach to strengthen planning, monitoring and budgeting for better results for children in Attapeu province and discuss the way forward.



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