Local TV presenter recognised internationally for work with children

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Ever since she was a little girl Ms Sounita Phimmasone, now aged 31, has wanted to work in the media and promote children’s and social issues.

To recognise Sounita’s good work in these fields, Japan’s NHK World TV has been filming a segment in Vientiane for a programme detailing her successful career in the media, her lifestyle and background, as well as her devotion to children’s causes.

Sounita told Vientiane Times recently that she appreciated the attention shown by the Japanese national broadcaster to her career and charitable endeavours, with the programme filming at the Children’s Culture Centre, Lao National Television, Children’s Activity House and other places where she has worked.

The programme will detail how Sounita studied hard and learnt to become an outstanding student and how this led to her work as a news reporter and event MC.

She has loved reading ever since she was a child and realised early on that education was the key to people’s development and empowerment.

It was this zeal for learning that ultimately saw her establish the Children’s Activity House in Vientiane where the reading room is a constant source of satisfaction and inspiration for her.

Sounita said she was invited to Japan to speak about her work with children and becoming an advocate for their education, especially for girls, so they can reach their full potential.

“The Japanese appreciated what I have achieved in the media and my efforts with children as well as my life story about working hard since I was a young girl to get and take advantage of opportunities,” she said.

She feels humbled that her work and devotion to children’s advocacy is being shown to such a wide audience. The programme will be broadcast on NHK World to both Japanese and global viewers.

Ms Sounita Phimmasone began her career in front of the microphone as a 10-year-old MC and at 11 UNICEF, and Lao National Radio recognised her talents.

Following that, she went for training in Nepal and Cambodia with UNICEF support and eventually landed her current role as a news reporter and MC with Lao National Television.

During her time at the national broadcaster, she has become more involved in children’s activities and was invited by UNICEF to present the children’s television programme “My Village”, aimed at educating and entertaining pre-schoolers.

With Sounita’s natural passion for children, she was involved with the programme from 2012 up until last year but the show continues. 

She said that on her path to being a news reporter and event MC for Lao National Television, she took on many small jobs to make ends meet. Growing up she did everything from selling fermented vegetables to dancing in restaurants to earn enough money to pay for her education until she graduated from university.

Ms Sounita holds a master’s degree in Tourism Industry Administration which she earned in 2016 from the Faculty of Social Sciences, National University of Laos.