Malaysia and Chinese corporations collaborate in brewery

PORT DICKSON, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Seng Group of Companies collaborate with Yan Bian Yi Da Bai Hua Industry Co. Ltd in Jilin Province, China to carry out research on toddy.

Chinese investors find toddy in Malaysia offer immense business opportunities.
Seng Group of Companies collaborate with China`s wine brewery to research on toddy in order to market it in overseas. Toddy which used to be confined to local market now stands a chance to be in the international market.
Seng Group of Companies secretary-general cum director (properties) Huang Jing Yang reveals that the group has signed a collaborative agreement with Yan Bian Yi Da Bai Hua Industry Co. Ltd in Jilin Province, China to carry out research on toddy. The collaboration has achieved breakthrough in the brewery of toddy. 
Huang said this during the signing ceremony held at the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia building in Serdang, Selangor. 
He said the Bai Hua liquor produced by Yi Da Bai Hua in Jilin province has been selected by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of China to serve in state banquet. The company is transferring its technology of brewing Bai Hui liquor on toddy and achieved breakthrough within few months of research.
“We are honoured that Seng Group of Companies is successful in bringing in Chinese investors and wine brewery technique from China into Malaysia, giving the toddy a new lease of life. It has commercial value and great potential in future,’’ he said.
Huang said the company would focus on its research on toddy. Port Dickson is the first experiment venue where experiment would be extended to other states in future. 
Chen Lifeng, chairman of Yi Da Bai Hua industry said the company spent nine years to conduct research in Bai Hua liquor and now it is a selling brand in the market. He is transferring the technology of brewery on toddy and discovers that the result is faster and better than expected. 
“The limitation of toddy is that it can’t be kept for long. Fermentation and preservation are challenging techniques for some. But we adopt the techniques for Bai Hua liquor and the technique has shown impressive result on toddy. It lasts longer than our expectations. More importantly, it is a process of natural fermentation, “he said. 
Chen said he believes that once mass production of toddy is feasible where toddy can be exported, the commercial value of coconut will be increased by 10-fold. Toddy will be a new liquor branded as `high end, natural, wellness and quality.”
The neera or palm nectar extracted from young coconut contain various minerals, vitamin C and multi-vitamin B enhance immunity and cancer-resistance.