Malaysia is a better place than Indonesia to invest

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - Asean China Investment Association president Tan Ying Lik urges investors from China to invest in Malaysia instead of Indonesia as Malaysia is stable in politics and has a well-established legal system.

Malaysia is a better place than Indonesia for foreign investors due to stability in politics and well-established legal system to safeguard investors’ interests, says Tang Ying Lik, president of ASEAN China Investment Association.
He revealed that according to World Bank's Doing Business 2019 report, Malaysia advanced nine places to 15th spot from 24th among 190 economies worldwide in the report while Indonesia was ranked 73rd. 
The Malaysia Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association paid a visit to ASEAN China Investment Association to discuss about collaboration and linkages in One Belt One Road project for a closer Malaysia-China friendly ties.
During the dialogue, Tan said East Malaysia is full of business opportunities as Kota Kinabalu lacks hotels while Semporna needs development. He proposed the Zhejiang corporations to consolidate funds and resources to invest in hotels, tourism, agriculture and urban planning projects in East Malaysia.
Huang Guangxiu, vice president of Malaysia Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association said Chinese corporations stressed efficiency and only interested in current projects. He said he would be able to assist Chinese corporations who are keen to invest in business which lack man power and capitals. 
“Many entrepreneurs from Wenzhou in China opt to invest in Indonesia as they face restrictions on visa and other matters by immigration officers,’’ he said.
Those who attended the dialogue include ASEAN China Investment Association secretary Ke Shu Hua, treasurer Liang Guo Jiu, International affairs bureau chief Li Wang Ping, communication chief Yang Gui Sheng, committee member Cai Zi Yu, Malaysia Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association vice president Zhang Fangde, Zhang Fangxin, Dai Xingshi and secretary Sun Xiaochi.