Malaysia gets equipment shipped from overseas for the handicapped

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) A retired German electronic technician takes the trouble to collect and refurbish wheelchair, walking aid, crutches and other equipment to deliver to people who need those equipment in overseas. Hans-Peter Dentler’s trip to Malaysia, the second one, is sponsored by Vogel Industries Malaysia. 

This is second trip for German retired electronic Hans-Peter Dentler, 75, to visit Malaysia, presenting handicapped equipment to the needy.

This time, he has a container of 600 pieces of equipment with him. He delivers wheelchair, crutches and walking aid to the needy in Johor Bahru and Sabah.  

Peter carries out similar charity work for the past 20 years. He has travelled to more than 20 countries and regions to deliver refurbished wheelchairs and walking aid. He has since delivered 100 containers and more than 50,000 people benefited. 

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, he said due to his age, he does not know his next destination. This could be his last time engaging in charity work in Malaysia. 

“You need to ask God or Buddha whether I will be coming to Malaysia next time,’’ he joked. 

He delivered equipment for the handicapped to various countries in the world and these countries are: Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Turkey, Serbia, Syria, Uganda, Togo and Romania.

Peter first came to Malaysia in 2014. He brought 170 sets of wheelchair and various equipment for the handicapped for 300 disabled. During his stay in Johor Bahru, he insisted on meeting every recipient to understand their situation before presenting them the equipment. 

He collects used wheelchair and equipment for disabled from insurance companies and wheelchair companies. With the help of social workers, he stores them in church. After repairing and inspecting the equipment, he then distribute them to overseas.

He said more than 50,000 people benefited from the wheelchair, crutches, toilet chairsand various walking aids he collected. The equipment can fit up to 100 containers. 

With sponsorship from Vogel Industries Malaysia, Peter shipped the equipment in a container and distributed them in a factory in Tampoi Industrial Estate, Johor Bahru. 

He personally sorted out the equipment and recorded the condition of each disabled like a doctor. He then taught them how to use the equipment and give them his advise and opinion. He even helped them by shirting the equipment into the car.

Peter was almost killed while visiting Sri Lanka when he was 52. The incident inspired him to start charity work. He was almost hit by a train when a Sri Lankan woman saved him. He escaped death and the incident has since changed his perception about life. 

He lives near Vogel, a company which produces seat in Germany. One day he requested the person in charge of the company to assist him refurbish used wheelchair seat and equipment seat. The person in charge agreed with his concept and refurbished for him free of charge. The company also arranged for shipment and paid for transport charges for the equipment to arrive Vogel`s partner company in Malaysia. The partner company even took Peter to visit handicapped centre to supply the equipment.  

Vogel Industries Malaysia managing director Tai Boon Huck said this is the second time the company received Peter and sponsored the transport charges of the equipment. The company received requests from public for the last few years and have since contacted Peter one year ago. 

Besides giving away the equipment to public, Peter also gives to disabled association and hospital.

Peter spent two days in Johor Bahru and left for Tawau in Sabah. He would be in Malaysia until 13 May. 

Tai said the company donated about RM12,000 (US$2,898) each year to assist the handicapped since 2003 besides sponsoring Peter to Malaysia twice. 

The public can contact Wei Shu Ting (012-720-7456) if they need wheelchair and walking aid. 

Lin Yu Duan, 72, from Tampoi, received a walking aid after consulting with Peter. She had difficulty in walking. 

Chandran, 46, was presented with a wheelchair after he lost his left leg in an accident back in 2014.

Ganthani, 65, was given a refurbished wheelchair as his existing wheelchair has worn out. His right leg was amputated six years ago due to diabetic. 

Indian girl Shashini, 11, has been wheelchair-bound for years. Peter proposed the girl to walk more and presented her a walking aid instead.