Malaysia will offer visa on arrival soon for India and China, entry from a third country

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily / ANN)  - Malaysia is likely going to introduce visa on arrival (VOA) for Chinese and Indian tourists for those who enter Malaysia through a third country. 

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2020, the government will implement an open policy whereby the Chinese and Indian tourists are offered visa on arrival (VOA). The visa is also extended from seven days to 14 days. 

Sources from Tourism Ministry told Sin Chew Daily that apart from existing entry points such as KL International Airport, Kota Kinabalu and Johor Baru airport, the government plans to increase entry points for foreign tourists to apply for entry. They are : Sarawak-Brunei Sungai Tujuh, Langkawi, Bukit Kayu Hitam and Labuan.

“Chinese and Indian tourists are required to enter Malaysia from a third country to apply for VOA and not a direct flight. Tourism Ministry once proposed for tourists taking direct flights from India and China to apply for VOA but the Home Ministry has reservation on this.”

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad will launch the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 on 22 July. He will be making the announcement then. 

Sources said VOA originally requires three month of cooling off period but the government is expected to reduce the period to one month. 

Cooling off period means one can only apply for VOA again three months after entering Malaysia. The duration now is reduced to one month. 

Indian and Chinese tourists are able to apply for VOA to enter Malaysia from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand. 

According to existing regulation, Chinese and Indian tourists enter Malaysia from KL International Airport, Johor Bahru airport, Kota Kinabalu airport, Sarawak airport and Penang airport. 

These tourists are to have a return ticket with at least US$1,000 (RM4,140). The visa fee is US$100 (RM414).

The government has set up a committee led by Home Ministry to explore the possibility of implementing VOA for Indian and Chinese tourists. The committee has since completed its findings and submitted its proposals in the report to the Cabinet for approval. 

“The Cabinet has approved the new measure on principle. The National Economic Action Council will be convening a meeting today to make a final decision.

“Malaysia is extending the period of visa for Chinese tourists. This is good news. This will also help local corporations,’’ said the source. 

Another source said he hopes the government would emulate Hainan Island in China to implement visa-free policy for 59 countries including Malaysia. 

However, judging from current situation, the government of Malaysia would not implement visa waiver. 

Malaysia implemented visa exemption for Chinese tourists on 2 January 2016 with e-visa. The move to relax entry requirements further would boost tourism industry and economic development.

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Mohammadin Ketapi said earlier that the government is confident of implementing VOA this year to attract more Chinese and Indian tourists to visit Malaysia.

He said the ministry is enhancing tourism policy to attract 30 million tourists to visit Malaysia in 2020 to achieve tourism revenue of RM100 billion (US$241.54 billion).


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