Malaysian Tzu-Chi volunteer donated tissues offering new lease of life to 100 people

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Liang Zhao Chang, a Malaysian Tzu-Chi volunteer who passed away in the Tzu-Chi Hospital in Hualien during his visit to Taiwan fulfilled his wish of donating tissues to save life of others. His two daughters signed the consent form to fulfil his wish where a pair of corneas, ligaments and bones were donated. Liang was laid to rest in Hualien. 

A Malaysian Tzu-Chi volunteer passed away in Hualien, Taiwan early this month. His daughters signed consent form to donate a pair of corneas, bones, ligaments and others estimated to help 100 people according to his father’s wish. 
Liang Zhao Chang, 74, was a Malaysian Tzu Chi volunteer who visited Taiwan with his two daughters early this month to have a vacation, undergo health screening and serve as volunteers. Liang was experiencing discomfort in breathing on 7 June and was sent to hospital. He passed away the second day.  The pair of corneas donated by him helped those who could not see to regain their vision, bones to help more than 50 patients and the ligament about 20 patients. 
After joining Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation Malaysia, he made many Taiwanese friends. He visits Taiwan every two years where he would also undergo health screening in Taiwan. 
He was laid to rest in Hualien after a memorial service was held at the Tzu-Chi Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan. 
Liang came from a poor family. He helped his father to tap rubber at 2am at the age of five. His meals are normally soy sauce with white rice. He only attended primary school at the age of 13. He stopped schooling after three years due to financial difficulties. At the age of 20 he learned to be a tailor. He married at the age of 27 and worked as a tailor in a shop together with his wife. He also took orders to bring home. He finally opened a shop at the age of 36. 
His wife died of cancer in 2001 and he started to double up as both father and mother. In 2005 a fire gutted his tailor shop. The insurance agent did not continue with his insurance payment for the shop and he ended up losing all.
His two daughters who have joined Tzu-chi in university helped him to overcome the tragedy. They invited him to join an activity to deliver goods to a village gutted by fire. When Liang saw the houses, cars and even family members perished in the fire, he began to realise that the fire victims were the ones who have lost everything. He still has his two daughters and a roof to shelter. 
In 2006 he attended the graduation ceremony of his two daughters, a university graduate and a master respectively. The daughters kneeled down to serve him tea to express gratitude that he has raised them. He later joined Tzu-Chi as volunteers in 2011.
Liang has good voice to sing, he plays harmonica and flute too. He used to be the ones bringing cheer to senior citizens in old folks home. He was made the person in charge of recycling station and good in cooking vegetarian food. 
He used to tell his daughters and relatives that if he is sick, he would want to return to Hualien and pledged his organs. 
He only studied for three years but he groomed the two daughters to graduate as master. His daughters cook at home but he is the chef of vegetarian food outside the family.