More than 30 thousand palm tree seeds planted near Lao border in Stung Treng

PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/ANN) - Some 30,000 palm tree seeds were planted along a 10km stretch of National Road 7 leading to the Cambodia-Laos border.

Some 30,000 palm tree seeds were planted on Monday along a 10km
stretch of National Road 7 leading to the Cambodia-Laos border in Stung
Treng province.

The seeds were planted on both sides of the road between post markers
040 and 042, the Stung Treng provincial administration’s Facebook page

Some 500 provincial officials, the armed forces and students, led by
Stung Treng provincial governor Mom Saroeun and provincial council
chairman Chheang Lak, assisted in planting the 30,000 seeds.

Provincial officials said on Tuesday that this was the third occasion
in which palm tree seeds had been planted along the road. The first
planting occurred in 2016 – in which only 70 per cent of seeds
successfully grew – with a second planting ceremony occurring in Kampong
Cham province last year.

In total, 40km of the road has had palm trees planted over the
three ceremonies, with officials planning to cover 153km of the
Cambodia-Laos border road, said Stung Treng provincial hall spokesman
Meng Kong.

Palm trees are a famously versatile crop that has been used in
Cambodian society in a multitude of ways for millennia – from harvesting
their fruit to extracting their oil and using their wood in

Saroeun said palm trees are part of Cambodia’s national identity and
have been a feature of the country’s landscape since ancient times.

“Planting palm trees is a historic activity in the province and
celebrates the culture and identity of the nation. It encourages the
younger generation to love their country,” he said.

Deputy Chair of the Border Committee Koy Pisey said there had been no
instruction by the government to plant palm trees along the border, but
the border committee supported any province that wanted to do this.

“We support the planting of not only palm trees, but any trees. I
support planting trees along the border and if palm trees are planted on
the existing border markers, it would be good,” she said.

In August 2017, Cambodia and Laos engaged in an armed confrontation
after Lao soldiers entered a station in Stung Treng province’s Siem Pang
district, as the two countries had not finished demarcating the border.