No regrets learning Chinese

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily/ ANN) - A Malay woman has no regret being the only one in family learning Chinese right from Chinese Primary school to University in Taiwan back in 1950s. The journey has also led her to discover nothing is impossible and she now publishes a book My Chinese name is Salina. 

Former Girl Guide Association Malaysia Salina has no regrets undergoing complete set of Chinese education since young. 

Graduated from Teluk Kemang Chinese Primary School, she studied few years in Tsun Jin High School and then studied in Taiwan National University with a scholarship. 

After returning from Taiwan, she joined civil service. Apart from being a member in the Muhibbah group under Prime Minister’s Department, she also served under special committee under Foreign Affairs, national TV and movie censoring board. 

Launching of her new book My Chinese Name Salina, she said education was different back in 1950s, each ethnic group would speak its own language then , including her own family. 

She said in the 50s, Chinese was not given priority. If a non-Chinese is studying Chinese in Chinese Primary School and willing to further studies in Taiwan, this would be an odd scenario then. Salina’s persistence made her depart from the traditional practice. 

“We did not  know that we were actually moving at ahead . I was only looking at receiving good education then. Now when I look back? I realise being given an opportunity to study in Taiwan is actually a privilege for us. “

Until she was given a chance to receive Chinese education and being the only child in a family to study in Chinese primary school, she realised the true meaning of “ nothing is impossible.”

Salina said she was very young and did not read a single Chinese word. But it did not  dampen her perseverance to learn Chinese . 

“The little non-Chinese girl who wished to study in Chinese primary school to learn Chinese. She did not foresee that her dream could come through. The little is me. “