Report: 49 nations have violated U.N. sanctions on North Korea

NEW YORK (The Japan News/ANN) - At least 49 countries were found to have violated U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korea within the past five years by maintaining various illicit relations with the country, according to a report released by a U.S. institute.

 While the Security Council has strengthened sanctions against North Korea, 13 countries, including Angola, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar and Syria, were found to have military ties with Pyong-yang, which continues nuclear and missile development programs. Such ties with North Korea include military training, and the import and export of weapons.
 The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) analyzed U.N. member countries’ relations with North Korea since 2013 using reports compiled by a panel of experts working with the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee, which monitors the implementation of sanctions on Pyongyang.
 According to the ISIS report, most countries violating the Security Council resolutions are undemocratic states, many of which carelessly manage exports and imports. The report said 20 countries were found to have provided assistance to North Korea by, for example, changing the national registration of ships to disguise their origin.
 It also notes that international pressure on North Korea has proven effective, as several countries cut trade and diplomatic ties with Pyongyang. 
 Uganda has a deep military relationship with North Korea, with its police and military receiving training support from the North. In October, however, it expelled North Korean arms dealers.


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