Sin Chew Daily on Facebook No 1 in the world impacting new media for Chinese media outside China

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily / ANN) - The Sin Chew Daily on Facebook is rated as the most influential Chinese new media outside China in the world.

The Sin Chew Daily on Facebook is rated as the most influential Chinese new media outside China in the world.
The report on impact of ex-China Chinese new media 2019 was released by the People’s Daily overseas data research centre at the fourth overseas Chinese media summit.
Sin Chew Daily’s Facebook is rated as the most influential in the world among 181 main Chinese media in the world outside China.
The report selected 181 Chinese media from 400 overseas Chinese media as sample for research and classified five major influence list of the Chinse media in overseas based on platform, operation, content and communication. 
Chinese media outside China have switched to release news through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube in recent years.
Of the 181 Chinese media, 91 or 50.3% own Facebook account and 52 or 28.7% own Twitter account. 
Assessment was carried out based on the number of likes, number of fans, total number of news release and level of interaction to rank the impact of Chinese newspapers on Facebook and Twitter. 
The result indicate that the social media accounts of Chinese media in East Asia where most Chinese reside, Southeast Asia countries and region deliver good performance.
The Facebook and Twitter accounts of three local Chinese media are ranked as most influential in the top five positions. The integrated impact index of Facebook account of @sinchewdaily hit 99.31 as top, followed by China Press and Kwong Wah Daily respectively in third and fifth position. 
Sin Chew Daily ranked fourth on Twitter in terms of its influence.
The report said close of 90% of Chinese media outside China start to have news portal and they generate more impact starting 2018.
The report said it carried out assessment based on traffic volume recorded from two major search engines Google and Baidu to list the ranking. 
The result showed Sin Chew online ranked top and 5th in the world. 
The report also said apart from websites, mobile apps, Facebook and Twitter, overseas Chinese media followed the trend of social media in China where the latter expanded their influence through Weibo and WeChat . Statistics showed 90 have Weibo account (49.7%) and 88 WeChat accounts ( 48.6%) . 
The report also proposed three recommendations for overseas Chinese media including setting up a regional base in the global communication system, close contact with overseas users, diversified contents of new media and others to present professional, accurate and  effective communication. Overseas Chinese media are to capture new characteristics, new trends and consolidate resources of integrated media in international communication environment to enhance impact and competitive senses. 


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