SLCFA warns Lankan govt to beware of pro-Western lackeys within

COLOMBO (The Island/ANN) - Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association urges the government to beware of pro-western loyalists within its ranks who are attempting to influence the signing of agreements favourable to the West and detrimental to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Given recent revelations that senior politicians and officials have attempted to influence the signing of various agreements that are favourable to the US and inimical to the sovereignty of the country, the Sri Lanka-China Friendship Association (SLCFA) urges the government to beware of pro-western loyalists within its ranks.

SLCFA President, Attorney-at-Law Ananda Goonatilleke has said: "We have always been stressing the importance of ceaseless vigilance against the attempts of imperialist powers to affect our sovereignty. Our stand was proven recently when it was revealed that the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA), had been pushed through the Cabinet by pro US elements without consultation from the Defence Ministry, and that if the President had not intervened, the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA,) now re-branded as Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) too would have been signed without even consulting the Parliament, let alone the people."

He says the government is planing to sign an agreement between the government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC.) "Sri Lanka’s colonial past has left us with some deeply troubling legacies. Among them is the fact that colonialists have left behind a class of people who are loyal to them.

"The number of such loyalists has increased in recent years through the power of the purse of various diplomatic missions and ideological indoctrination. A number of government officials too travel to the West under various scholarship programmes tailored to ‘support the foreign policy goals of the United States’.

Given the conflicting nature of the US foreign policy goals and Sri Lanka’s aspirations, the government must be careful when exposing their bureaucrats to these programmes. The US had been the global hegemony for almost 30 years now, but its powers are waning as history shows us. It is the super powers in decline that are often the most dangerous. Thus, SLCFA urges political leaders to be mindful of manipulations by the Western powers and countries affiliated with them."


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