Sri Lanka to introduce low floor luxury buses to stop people quitting public transport

COLOMBO ( The Island /ANN ) - The government says that it intends importing 2000 low floor luxury buses, which would benefit disabled people as well.

Transport and Aviation Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said yesterday that he had submitted a Cabinet paper for the import of 2000 low floor luxury buses with budgetary and or investor funds.

There was a shortfall of 3000 buses, he noted adding that where investor funds were used, the buses would belong to the Transport Board after six years.

The Minister said that the introduction of disabled people friendly buses would be of immense assistance to them, since public transport was not currently geared to their convenience.

Another reason for the introduction of luxury buses was because people were moving away from public conveyance due to the lack of comfort, he added.

Ranatunga observed that the import of buses with lorry chassis had been going on for a long time, but with improvements to the roads, luxury buses could be imported for the people to travel with ease.


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