Stars vie for attention at Taiwan Golden Bell Awards

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - The 54th Golden Bell Awards was no time for false modesty, and it was no place for shrinking violets. Even the biggest stars had to compete for the attention of photographers.

Here are some standouts, for better or worse, in the stylish crowd.

Actress-writer Gingle Wang, nominated for best supporting actress in a mini-series/TV movie for her role in the series “On Children — The Last Day of Molly,” stole the hearts with a shoulderless full-length fluffed-out gown.

She wore dangling diamond earrings and her hair was tied up in a neat and tidy bun.

Another highlight of the red carpet was the members of Plungon — Hao Tzu and A Hsiang, who stood out in matching gray and black suits with black leather shoes.

Always bringing a smile to the audience, the pair walked up the red carpet waving and greeting their fans.

Celebrities Kid and Hsiao Kuei, hosts of the popular variety show Mr. Player, got people excited when they arrived dressed in black and white but showed a clear contrast in styles.

Holding a selfie stick with his shirt untucked, Kid wore a black flat breasted jacket with two large shiny zippers on both sides, while Hsiao Kuei donned a more traditional black tuxedo with a matching bowtie and a pocket square.

Presenter Sandy Wu, daughter of famous Taiwanese talk show host Jacky Wu, stunned the crowd with a full-length shoulderless velvet lavender cocktail dress that flowed along the carpet.

She was nominated with Mickey Huang for best host in an entertainment variety program for her role in the interactive game show 100 Calls.

A total of 191 shows are vying for 39 awards at this year’s ceremony.