Thailand plans to offer Myanmar MoU fishery workers

NAYPYITAW (Eleven Media Group/ANN) - ​Thailand is now planning to offer employment towards 60,000 of Myanmar fishery workers under MoU agreement, says Thai Labour Minister Pol. Gen Adul Sangskingkeo.

Thein Swe, Union Minister of Labour, Immigration and Information and Thailand Labour Minister yesterday met with Thai Labour Minister Pol. Gen Adul Sangskingkeo in Nay Pyi Taw.

“As for the Thailand government, there is a lack of workers in Fishery industry. So, we need a total of 60,000 fishery labourers. We asked Myanmar authorities to assist us about the case. The Myanmar workers will be employed under the MoU agreement,” said Pol. Gen Adul Sangskingkeo.

He also said that Myanmar MoU workers will be able to enjoy designated labour fees and rights in accordance with the Thailand Labour Laws.
Immigration Minister Thein Swe said that Myanmar government was opening a Job Agency in Ranong, Thai-Myanmar border area and they would bring more benefits for Myanmar workers.

He added that there were over 1.2 million Myanmar workers living in Thailand officially. Both sides discussed about effectively actions taken against the illegal sending of Myanmar workers depending on the relationship between Myanmar and Thailand.

Thousands of MoU workers are leaving for Thailand monthly to work under MoU agreements despite the return of many due to crackdowns on illegal workers.

More workers are leaving for Thailand as factories running in Myanmar cannot provide adequate job opportunities and salary.

Myanmar is facing scarcity of workers in farming and livestock breeding sectors as Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand are earning three times more than local rates.

About 500 workers leave for Thailand daily and the same number of illegal workers returned to Myanmar daily. Among them, tens of illegal workers were sent back to Myanmar daily.

Myanmar is losing human resources as workers are working in Thailand to earn more income to make a living by doing kinds of work which Thai citizens have no interest in, said labour activists.

Moe Gyo, Chair of Joint Action Committee for Burma Affairs (JACBA) said Myanmar migrant workers need to apply for work officially to ensure safety in foreign countries and they need to understand labour law and workers’ rights in the countries they are working in.

He said local and foreign businessmen need to invest in Myanmar and urged Myanmar workers to try to work domestically.

A total of 10,649 workers under MoU agreement left for Thailand through Myawady-Mae Sot road during June and there are over sixty thousands workers left for Thailand in six-months time.

Many youths from Myanmar went to Thailand illegally to search for jobs years ago. A total of 2,269 workers went to work in Thailand in 2013 when Myanmar government sent them over officially.

Myanmar sent 31,828 workers in 2014, 52,765 workers in 2015, 97,998 workers in 2016 and 145,161 workers in 2017 officially.

Some MoU workers had to return home as they could not find employment in Thailand and as some were forced into human trafficking by misusing MoU agreement.