Two dead at a Walmart as another knife attack hits China

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Man kills two, injures more at a Walmart in southern China, state media say.

Two people were killed and at least nine injured in a knife attack at a Walmart in southern China, state media agency Xinhua said Monday.

The attack, made using a kitchen knife, occurred around 9 p.m. Sunday at a store in Shenzhen. 

A 30-year-old man surnamed Jiang has been arrested over the incident.

Xinhua said the man was currently unemployed but had left his home of Chongqing in southwest China in 2014 to become a migrant worker.

His family said they lost contact with him the following year and that the man had mental illness. Police said he was lucid during questioning.

Sunday's killings were the latest in a series of knife attacks in the country.

Experts say that China's poor mental health system and continuing taboos about receiving treatment for such conditions contribute to such incidents.

In May, a stabbing spree in Guizhou province left two dead and 18 injured. In January, Just in January, a man stabbed 11 students to death at a kindergarten in Guangxi province.

China's tight control of firearms is often cited as one reason for the high prevalence of knife attacks in particular.


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