UNP Deputy Leader confident he will be next Lankan President

COLOMBO (The Island/ANN) - UNP Deputy Leader and son of late President Premadasa, Minister Sajith Premadasa is confident that he would be the President.

UNP Deputy Leader and Minister Sajith Premadasa says he will rule the country adhering to the Dasa Raja Dharma if he is elected President.

A programme would be initiated to enhance the value of Sri Lanka, UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa said, yesterday.

Addressing a public rally at the Wills Park in Badulla, Premadasa said that a modern economy would be created to usher in development.

The UNP Deputy leader said he would not leave any room for terrorism to raise its ugly head and whoever tried to terrorise the country would be promptly dealt with and it was imperative to find out who was actually behind the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

Premadasa said that if he was elected President one of his priorities would be to protect the sovereignty of the country and he would not allow the country to be divided into several parts. He pledged that no agreement detrimental to the interests of Sri Lanka would be signed with any other country.

He said that if the country was to be developed there should be a robust public service and government had to be guided by the Dasaraja Dharma.

The Minister said, "My father sacrificed his life for the people and I am ready to do the same."

He expressed confidence that by November he would be the President of the country with the support of the masses.


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