Uzbekistan mulls halal tourism partnership with West Nusa Tenggara

MATARAM (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - West Nusa Tenggara province will work together with Uzbekistan to develop and promote halal tourism.

Charmed by West Nusa Tenggara’s (NTB) halal tourism concept, the Uzbekistan government has considered a partnership in the tourist sector with the province.

Several delegates from the Uzbekistani Tourism Ministry, along with Uzbekistani Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia Muzaffar S. Abdulazimov, joined NTB Deputy Governor Sitti Rohmi Djalilah in a meeting in Mataram on Monday to discuss a possible partnership in halal tourism.

During the meeting, Abdulazimov said the Uzbekistani government had been interested in implementing a similar concept in the former Soviet republic, especially in the Bukhara region, which he claimed to be culturally similar to the NTB.

“We would like to learn about the development of halal tourism in NTB, so that we may be able to implement a similar concept in Bhukara, Uzbekistan,” he said.

Bukhara is a prominent region in Ubzekistan. It is home to around 140 historically significant monuments, including the grave of notable Islamic scholar Imam Bukhari. The region has been a well-known hub for Muslim tourists worldwide.

Through the partnership, Abdulazimov said the Uzbekistan government would also help promote the NTB’s halal tourism.

NTB Tourism Agency head Lalu Moh Faozal said the meeting marked the start of a bright future for the partnership with Bukhara.

“The meeting opens up new possibilities for the partnership between the two regions. It may prove beneficial to our status as a halal tourism icon,” Lalu said.


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