COLOMBO (The Island/ANN) - In addition to three Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants to be built, discussions were underway for a fourth plant.

ATHENS (The Island / ANN ) - Project Director at The Guardian Foundation, Angie Pitt emphasised the importance of transparency in journalism so that public has confidence in the media.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Islamophobia is deployed in the politics of Sri Lanka to put the Muslims in place. 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The money that was withdrawn has allegedly been siphoned off to the almost incredible extent that no work relating to the digging of ponds was carried out under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGS.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The US President has couched his strained defence of the sanctions with the assertion, “I can only tell you we cannot ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon.”

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The West-East Gas Pipeline in China runs across 8,707 kms through 66 cities, and the 4,989 km Gasun pipeline in Brazil is part of a club of about ten other oil pipelines of similar length.

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - Old-timers were pleased to see the old camaraderie that used to exist between rival politicians hasn’t completely vanished.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Severe outcomes if temperatures rise by more than 3 degrees celsius by 2050, says analysis.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - The Seri Ruam Thai party leader said yesterday that the drug-related arrest of a party-list MP candidate will not affect the party, as it was a personal matter.

BANGKOK (The Nation) - Judges allow them to function as lawmakers, saying media shareholding case against them different from that of suspended Thanathorn.