MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Dollars sent home to the Philippines by the country’s estimated 10 million expatriates — including an estimated five million Filipinos working with short- and long-term work contracts abroad — rose at their fastest pace in July this year, reversing the previous month's decline.

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - A year has passed since the historic visit of President Duterte to the State of Israel in September 2018. Significant developments have been achieved in the fields of economy, agriculture, tourism, among others. He was the first Filipino president in office to visit our country.

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Can we assert ourselves as a world-class country and economy if others see us as willing and happy receivers, thus a good place to dump their waste and junk? Often, this is at the cost of compromising the welfare and safety of our people.

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - In his final masterpiece, “Mi Ultimo Adiós,” Jose Rizal described his beloved country as “Perla del Mar de Oriente, nuestro perdido Edén,” the “Pearl of the Orient seas” and a “lost Paradise.”

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - A week ago today, President Duterte used three consecutive occasions to show that his mind was already on the 2022 elections. 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN) - The comments come weeks after a Pakistani minister had reportedly predicted a ‘full-blown war between Pakistan and India likely to occur in the month of October or November’.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) – Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu announced Monday that Taiwan has cut diplomatic ties with the Solomon Islands, following reports that the South Pacific island-nation plans to switch diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing.

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Resident giant panda Chuang Chuang died aged 19, Chiang Mai zoo’s director said on Monday.

PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/ANN) - An official warned that legal action would be taken without exception if there was sufficient evidence they were contravening the directive.

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - At Home Loan Experts-Nepal, a chorus of youths are busy finding potential home buyers thousand of miles away, in Australia, doing everything from discussing their credit rating to searching for lenders.